Sydney's guide to New York

New of my favorite cities in the world. As much as I love jetting off to new places, there's nothing better than coming home to the city that's so great, they named it twice! Whether you're stopping by for a few days or here for a while, take a peek at my favorite restaurants and sights in the Big Apple. 


so many sights so little time

You could easily spend a lifetime in New York and not even experience a quarter of what the city has to offer. Don't miss...

  • SOHO: So(ho) many incredible restaurants, cafés, and shops. I took the subway down from Midtown almost every day this summer for lunch. It's always worth the trip! Don't forget to stop into some of my favorite stores: Zara, What Goes Around Comes Around, Madewell, Paper Source & Club Monaco. 
  • Flatiron Building: There's nothing to really do here, but I just think it's such a beautiful building. My office was right next to the Flatiron on Madison Square Park and I would often eat my lunch in the little seating area in front just to enjoy it.
  • Bicycles through Central Park: You can rent bikes for close to nothing today. There's nothing more fun than zipping through the bike lanes near Central Park on a beautiful day. Plus, it'll give your feet a break from walking! 
  • Walk along the Hudson River: I have great memories walking along the Hudson River downtown on nice summer nights. There's a ton of great restaurants near Brookfield Place in the Financial District including little parks, grass areas, and benches. It's a hotspot for an after-work jog or picnic dinner. 
  • Rowboats & Gondola Rides at Central Park: One of the best surprises was when Andrew got a private gondola ride at sunset in Central Park. It was one of the most relaxing excursions we ever did and I almost forgot I was in the middle of Manhattan. Central Park is so serene and perfect for a date night. We ate at The Loeb Boathouse afterwards, which is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. 
  • Chelsea Market: I'm all about supporting small and local businesses. The Market is tucked away on the West Side near the water and is the perfect reprieve from bustling city life (although it has become quite popular in recent years!) You can find everything from book stores to souvenir shops to bakeries and every kind of restaurant imaginable. I love coming to Chelsea when I have a few hours to kill and always end up leaving with something!
  • Strand Bookstore: Any one who knows me well knows that I'm obsessed with shopping for old/used books. There's nothing better than scanning the bookshelves on the street outside of the Bookstore and finding a hidden gem. My favorite find this summer was a coffee table book about the history of Ireland (only $3!) The store has the most fun stationary, school supplies, and every book imaginable. I spent so many afternoons here after work this summer and it will always be one of my favorite corners of the city. 

Half the time my excursions in NYC revolve around restaurants and scoping out new places I've found on Instagram. Don't miss my favorite foodie spots don't want to miss it! 

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Let's be honest, most of my life revolves around food, so let's cut to the chase. Here are my favorite restaurants and cafés I've visited in NYC. I've done the hard work so you get to go and enjoy! ;) 


  • JACK'S WIFE FREDA: I mean not only are the menus the cutest thing I've ever seen, but the food is so darn healthy & instagrammable! I'm a sucker for a cozy lunch spot with friendly waiters and delectable food. I always feel rejuvenated and smiley after leaving JWF and it's my go-to lunch spot with friends. 

  • TWO HANDS: Maybe I just really miss Australia, but I couldn't help but fall in love with this Australian run and designed restaurant. Their delicious and healthy food took me straight back to my glory days Down Under. The waiter even made a point to say, "Hey, I like your name!" when he took a look at my credit card. It never gets old ;)...Don't miss out on the avo toast and smoothies. 





snacks...because everyone needs a pick-me-up

  • LOCO COCO: I die for their colorful and delicious superfood smoothie bowls. 


  • BAR PITTI: Not only do celebs frequent it, but this is one of the most authentic Italian restaurants I've ever been to outside of Italy. Expect to wait a little to get a table, but then most definitely expect to have your mind blown by the flavor and authenticity of your meal. The waiters will keep you entertained by their flailing arms and quick tongue. 
  • MALONEY & PORCELLI: If Andrew could have one last meal before his dying day, he would choose this restaurant. I can't claim I found this place because his family has been coming here for years, but it has certainly become a special place for us. It's your old school steak house tucked away in midtown where you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. 
  • THE LOEB BOATHOUSE: The view of the lake in Central Park just doesn't get old. It's my little retreat after a busy day of work. If you're lucky, catch a table along the water and watch couples row around. The food is delish and the scenery is the icing on the cake.
  • INDUSTRY KITCHEN: There's no other place I'd go for pizza and a salad with a view of the East River. They have super quick service and the cutest restaurant tucked in alongside the water. You'd probably never know it's there, but I'm so glad I found it!
  • HOTEL AMERICANO: I've gotta give major props to my friend Michael who found this gem of a place. Located in the heart of Chelsea, this rooftop bar and hotel serves the most delicious tacos and summery drinks. It has great views of the city and even a small pool! (Never used it, always wish I had)


dessert...the most important part of the day!

Take a peak at any of their Instagram accounts and you'll melt (pun intended). They make their desserts just as good as they taste. I'm on a constant mission to try out new ice cream & dessert shops, so stay tuned!...

  • MILK BAR: If you like milk and you like ice's your place! (Instagram)
  • TAIYAKI NYC: Ice cream in fish-shaped cones...yes please! (Instagram)
  • DŌ: Yes, they've done it. Edible cookie dough that won't kill you. My childhood dreams have come to life! (Instagram)
  • BINGBOX: Modern Korean shaved ice (Instagram)
  • ICE & VICE: I'm game for any ice cream served from a pink cone (Instagram)