lancaster university

I loved my experience at Lancaster University and I highly recommend it as a study abroad institution. As an English major I ended up getting all my class during two days of the week so I had almost five days a week to travel. I was super spoiled as not many other students had that flexibility. Either way, I took full advantage of the opportunities the University had to offer through pre-planned trips through their Uni-Travel office (I went to Wales, Scotland, Bath, and Stonehenge through them). My favorite aspect of Lancaster University was its proximity to Manchester where I flew out of every weekend. It was only a 1.5 hour train ride from Lancaster straight to the airport. While I wish I could've stayed in London all four months of my study abroad experience, I was fortunate I had the opportunity to see a different part of England, because the North is so much different from the South (accents, landscape, etc.) Manchester is a great city to visit too and I highly recommend! I caught a Manchester United game which was the highlight of my visit.