Every Traveler Needs a Watch: JORD Watch Giveaway

When I travel I’m always looking to pack concisely, intelligently, yet fashionably. Believe it or not, when I travel to a new country on a weekly basis, I’m only packing in a backpack. I have to think about the climate of the destination and what sorts of activities I will be doing. There’s definitely a lot of planning that happens in order to make sure a trip goes smoothly. One item I absolutely cannot travel without is a watch. Our world is so focused on technology and believe me, I’m obsessed with my laptop, phone, and camera, but what happens when my phone dies or I’m not in the position to pull out my phone to check the time? There are endless moments when I need the accessibility of a watch on my wrist, instead of my phone. Each weekend I enter a new time zone and sometimes more than one in a given weekend. There’s nothing better than having the reliability of my watch.


So, the next step was finding a watch that fit my active, wanderlust lifestyle. I didn’t want to go the standard route and get an average women’s watch. I wanted something unique…unique like my travel schedule. I came across a company called JORD that specializes in high-end wood watch designs. I was amazed by the diverse selection of watches and the several colors. JORD’s interactive website allows you to browse the many cool watches and even chat online with a representative.


Now I don’t have to think twice about what watch I’m going to pack on my upcoming trips. From the second I began wearing my JORD watch, people in my classes, on the plane, in coffee shops, and everywhere in between began complimenting me on my JORD watch. They had never seen anything like it before and I was ecstatic knowing I’m sporting something unique. The holiday season in approaching and JORD has a premiere selection of unique men’s and women’s watches. Gift some unique. Gift JORD. 


Giveaway Details

Now until November 12 at 11:59 p.m. be sure to enter a $100 code to any JORD watch of your choice! Everyone who enters will automatically receive a $25 code to help you start your holiday shopping. To enter the giveaway, visit this link.

Good luck & I can't wait to see your watches! 

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