JBL After Hours: The Luxury Dental Experience That Changed My Opinion

No one loves the dentist. As working professionals we’re expected to take up our sacred vacation/sick days to go have some person hold open your mouth at an uncomfortable angle and scrape at all the built-up crap from your late-night candy binges. You probably lie and say “I floss twice a day and brush religiously three times a day, even after my lunch break.” Yeah, okay…believe what you want.


 I love the blogging world because you meet women from every corner of the world with all kinds of interests. That’s where MJ comes in. I met MJ at a beauty event a few months ago and learned she was a dental hygienist by day and blogger by night. She moved from Hawaii to New York, hence the name of her blog @pineappleinthebigapple (love it!) Most women in the blogging world have day jobs in PR, Marketing or Fashion so MJ was a breath of fresh air. She approached me with the opportunity to visit her office’s After Hours. Her office, JBL New York City, is where the New York celebs go.

MJ (@pineappleinthebigapple)  - dental hygienist by day, blogger by night!

MJ (@pineappleinthebigapple) - dental hygienist by day, blogger by night!

JBL After Hours is designed for working professionals who don’t want to use their highly coveted vacation days to visit the dentist. In addition to the late hours, they offer affordable dental packages in lieu of dental insurance. HALLELUJAH! If I’ve caught your interest, hang on because it gets EVEN BETTER.

They offer three packages that include general cleanings, whitening, and teeth aligning:

My incredibly sweet and talented dental hygienist Jess! THANK YOU for treating me so well!

My incredibly sweet and talented dental hygienist Jess! THANK YOU for treating me so well!

  •  Smile House Package: ($45/month with a 12-month agreement) It includes 2 cleanings + 2 professional whitening + 1 whitening touch up ($1280 savings to our normal day fees). Members also receive 15% off ANY additional dental treatment during our day hours. 

  • One dental cleaning + professional whitening anytime for $375 ($475 savings from our normal day fees)

  • JBL Aligners: They offer their very own clear aligners for $3950. The aligners are fabricated at the office and overseen by their trusted orthodontist. JBL provides a free 30 minute scan/consultation. If treatment is approved, the package includes clear aligners, LED light accelerator kit with therapeutic gel, and all dental visits. Payment plans are available and discounts if paid in full. 

It gets BETTER:

How many of you have been to a doctor’s office knowing that part of your service charge goes to a charity? I can’t name one. The JBL team heads to the Bahamas with the office’s GLOgood Foundation alongside Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule. Your services will directly help someone in need.

Amazing oral health + helping others = win-win situation!


Oh you thought I was done?

JBL After Hours is a LUXURY experience. I never looked forward to the dentist, but JBL is a whole other experience. During my teeth cleaning and whitening I sat back and relaxed using Bose headphones and watched Hangover III. When was the last time you did that?! Even better, once your services are done, you get to enjoy wine! So, the next time you want to hangout, let’s book an appointment at JBL After Hours and we’ll do the whole sha-bang.

Have I convinced you the dentist isn’t that bad? I actually might retract my statement and say I love the dentist now. Mention my name Sydney Braat when you book your first appointment and thank me later ;).