Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

England was my home base during my semester abroad during Fall 2016. I spent the month of September in London for a seminar and then moved up to Lancaster University where I studied English Literature and Writing for roughly three months. I had always dreamed of studying abroad in England. When it came time to apply for a program during my sophomore year of college, I had no reservation where I'd be applying. There's something so attractive about the lifestyle, the history in literature, the education, and its proximity to the rest of Europe. Since I'd be going for four months, I wanted to ease myself into the European lifestyle. As brave as I consider myself, I didn't think I was ready to take on a semester abroad in a non-English speaking country. I ended up spending more days in other countries, but still loved having England as my safety net and home.

I returned yet again for my 21st birthday this year in October. It truly felt like coming home and even better, I was visiting with my childhood best friend Brianna. This was her very first time to London which meant we had so much to see if one weekend. There's nothing like waking up in London on your birthday and it was definitely a trip that I will remember forever.

Read up on some of my favorite restaurants, places, and excursions in England. I hope you love it as much as I do...







I think if there's one city I had to permanently move to it would be London. It's similar to New York in a comfortable way, but different enough that I would have the opportunity to grow as a person. I fell in love with how beautiful each building was, how important coffee and tea is to everyone, the way fashion flooded the streets, how easy it was to navigate the city via the tube, and how important education is to the culture. That was my experience at least. I will always have a strong sense of comfort and love for London, maybe because it was the first place I lived during my semester abroad, or because part of me wants to return for an extended period of time someday. I think most people associate strongly with another city in the world and London is that place for me.