O, canada!


Not many people in the US think to visit Canada, but it's such a hidden gem! My grandparents live in Buffalo, NY, only a short drive to the Canadian border near Niagara Falls. You can view this natural wonder of the world from both the American and Canadian sides, but I highly recommend packing your passport and making the extra few minute drive across the border. Unfortunately, the US has really let its side go (such a shame!) It's dirty, unkempt, and doesn't have a lot of other attractions. Canada is totally showing the US who's boss and have a variety of restaurants, casinos, and other attractions. The park that surrounds the Falls is beautiful. While you can visit during the winter (which I have), it's much more rewarding to visit during the summer. Sign up (at site or before online) for a Hornblower Cruise. You'll cruise in a boat right up to the Falls and feel the refreshing mist. You don't realize how enormous the Falls are until you're standing in front of them. 

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